2025 Chevy Equinox: New Update Chevy Equinox Crossover Review

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2025 Chevy Equinox plans regarding the popular Chevy Equinox crossover have remained the same since it first debuted 15 years ago; to make buyers fall in love with more space.

Back in 2005, the debut model helped usher in a new wave of car buyers to appreciate the greater comfort of the vehicle.

Chevrolet helped lead the automotive trend towards larger, more spacious vehicles than narrow, older car models. Now the Equinox has reached its third generation, which came out a few years ago for the 2018 model year.

Word on the road is the fourth generation will come out in 2025, after a refresh comes in for this crossover. What can we expect?

When Chevrolet introduces its fourth-generation Chevy Equinox, it will be produced with a new platform. By 2025, the vehicle will use its current platform for eight years.

The next generation will use the VSS-F vehicle platform, in contrast to the current model which uses the General Motors D2 platform.

Chevrolet has used the VSS-F vehicle set as the backbone for many General Motors vehicles such as the 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer, while the older GM D2 platform is currently used by other GM vehicles.

2025 Chevy Equinox Review

The 2025 Chevy Equinox is an SUV-class car that is known for its comfort. The Chevy Equinox was first introduced for the 2005 model year with the latest third generation coming for the 2018 model year as an all-new compact crossover.

2025 Chevy Equinox

Now, the GM Authority has figured out when the all-new fourth-generation Chevy Equinox will arrive.

According to gmauthority the all-new fourth-generation Chevy Equinox will arrive for the 2025 model year. The current third-generation Equinox will remain in production for a total of eight model years.

This 2025 next-generation Chevy Equinox will be built on a set of VSS-F vehicles unlike the current model, which uses the GM D2 platform.

The VSS-F vehicle set provides a framework for General Motors vehicles such as the 2020 Buick Encore GX and 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer, while the older GM D2 platform is shared by vehicles such as the GMC Terrain and Buick Envision.

  • Improved engine
  • Improved brakes
  • Changes in preferred packages
  • Midnight Edition for LS trim
  • Spacious rear legroom
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Easy-to-use infotainment setup

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2025 Chevy Equinox Refresh

The Chevy Equinox received a small update to the 2022 model year, which includes slightly revised exterior styling and new exterior colors, among other minor changes.

This updated model was originally intended to launch in 2021MY, but was pushed back to 2022 due to various COVID-19-related delays.

As such, the updated model will only be on sale for a relatively short period before this all-new new generation model comes forward for 2024 or 2025MY.

2025 Chevy Equinox Prototype

GM Authority spy photographers have captured a prototype of what appears to be testing the next-generation Chevy Equinox on a public street in Michigan.

2025 Chevy Equinox

This mysterious compact crossover is very camouflaged, but still exudes some very Chevy-like shades , including a two-level lighting setup similar to the Chevy Blazer and Trailblazer , as well as a Chevy bowtie emblem recorded in the top center on the front fascia.

In addition, the wheel design looks like a slight change from the existing Chevy alloy wheel design already offered in the Trailblazer RS.

With the growing number of Chinese market offerings by General Motors and the presence of the Baojun car brand, there is always an opportunity for a little confusion in identifying disguised models like this.

However, with the aforementioned feel of the Chevy, along with its distinctive side window profile and silhouette, this new prototype ticks all the boxes of what we’d expect from the next-generation Chevy Equinox.

With that in mind, it seems that this new photo gallery gives us our first look at the next-generation Chevy Equinox.

The compact crossover will use the GM VSS-F platform used in conjunction with the Chevy Trailblazer and Buick Encore GX, although it will obviously be larger in size than both subcompacts. This same platform will also support the next generation of GMC Terrain.

As GM Authority previously reported, the next-generation Chevy Equinox is expected to launch for the 2025 model year.

However, this prototype looks quite far in its development, leading us to believe that the next-generation Equinox could arrive a little earlier than expected – possibly in 2023 as 2024MY.

We also already know that the next-generation Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain will be offered in fewer build configurations as part of GM’s efforts to cut production costs.

While the current model is available in more than 200 build configurations, the next generation model will be limited to about 100 build configurations. This could mean fewer exterior and interior color combinations and fewer options and extras available.

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2025 Chevy Equinox Redesign

Meanwhile, the now-generation Chevy Equinox will get a refresh for the 2022 model year.

The Equinox was originally scheduled for a refresh for the 2021 model year, but those plans were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the updated Equinox will go on sale at the beginning of calendar year 2021.

General Motors originally planned a number of stylistic revisions to the Chevy Equinox for the now delayed 2021 refresh, such as new headlights and taillights, a new front grille, an updated lower front fascia, new fog lights and a revised rear bumper.

GM also introduced the new RS trim, which offers unique front and rear fascia, new black badges and accents, 19-inch alloy wheels with a dark finish, and quad exhaust ends. Inside, the RS gets red contrast stitches and an RS shift key.

Now, the refreshed model will be rolled out for the 2022 model year.

2025 Chevy Equinox Interior

On the inside of the 2025 Chevy Equinox we expect changes that give the new atmosphere of an upgrade to the 7-inch infotainment touchscreen is another aspect of the lower trim, with an 8-inch version offered as an option, or part of the Premier trim standard inventory.

2025 Chevy Equinox

The new Safety and Infotainment package for the LT and RS versions features adaptive cruise control, a 360-degree camera system, an 8-inch infotainment display, navigation, and (for some reason) a heated steering wheel.

This is technically a 5-seater compact SUV, but the middle seat in the back row will not be popular with anyone. The rear legroom, however, is 39.9 inches, which is great for its class.

Cargo space isn’t that impressive, with 29.6 cubic feet open to 63.9 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded. But owners should still be able to put in a lot of luggage or whatever they want to carry.

2025 Chevy Equinox Exterior

The exterior part of the 2025 Chevy Equinox SUV Compact is expected to come with 17-inch alloy wheels as standard, and each version has LED headlights. A new optional Midnight Edition cosmetic package for LS adds black exterior elements, including 18-inch alloy wheels.

2025 Chevy Equinox Color

The colors expected to be present are: Radiant Red Tintcoat, Sterling Grey Metallic, and Harvest Bronze Metallic.

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2025 Chevy Equinox Transmission

A slight upgrade for a single engine in the Chevy Equinox SUV lineup brings a modest increase of five horsepower. The output is now 175 horsepower, via a 6-speed automatic transmission. Torque remains at 203 lb-ft.

Front-wheel drive (FWD) is standard, all-wheel drive (AWD) is optional.

Ordinary gasoline is acceptable. This fuel economy estimate from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is related to 2022, but there should be no significant difference in 2023.

  • 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-4
  • 175 horsepower @ 5,600 rpm
  • Torque 203 lb-ft @ 2,000-4,000 rpm Savings
  • EPA city/highway fuel: 26/31 mpg (FWD), 25/30 mpg (AWD)

2025 Chevy Equinox Engine

Long before that, Equinox is expected to receive a significant refresh for MY 2022. According to preliminary information, the SUV is likely to lose its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, which would leave the 1.5-liter turbo as the only powertrain option available for the 2022 model year.

2025 Chevy Equinox

GM Authority was the first to report that the 2021 Chevy Equinox will discontinue the turbocharged 2.0L I4 LTG engine option, making the 1.5L I4 LYX turbocharged the only engine available.

According to sources, the 2.0L engine is equipped at just seven percent of Equinox’s total sales volume, despite offering 82 more horsepower and 57 pound-feet more torque than the 1.5L unit.

The discontinued LTG 2.0L follows the discontinuation of the 1.6L I4 LH7 turbodiesel with the 2020 Chevy Equinox.

Chevy Equinox Favorite Features

  1. Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Standard across the board, this means integrating smartphones without having to reach into your pocket or wallet first.

  1. Infotainment system

The easy-to-use Chevrolet setup is easy and intuitive. And it comes with Wi-Fi as standard.

  1. All-wheel drive

Indeed, it’s a common choice across the compact SUV class — the Mazda CX-50 and Subaru Forester even have it as standard. But it’s not just winters where all-wheel drive traction and grip can be appreciated.

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  1. OnStar

It provides things like emergency service calls, roadside assistance, and vehicle diagnostics. A 5-year subscription is included with every new Equinox SUV.

  1. Hands-free backdoor operation

A foot wave near the sensor (under the rear bumper) will activate the rear door opening. Unfortunately, this is only included with the top Premier trim. It wasn’t until the RS trim that a powered back door was available.

  1. Safety Warning Chair

With vibrating seat cushions, it warns the driver of an approaching danger. Something coming from the left will trigger the left side of the chair and vice versa. Exclusive to Premier trim.

2025 Chevy Equinox Release Date

According to a new report by the GM Authority, the Equinox 2025 will begin production in May 2024 at GM Ramos Arizpe’s facility in Mexico.

2025 Chevy Equinox

The current Equinox will remain on sale until roughly the first month of 2025, which essentially means the two generations of crossovers will overlap in the market for approximately nine months.

The online publication also claims the 2025 Equinox will be assembled in three separate factories.

In addition to Ramoz Arizpe, it will also be produced at the San Luis Potosí plant in Mexico and the CAMI Assembly plant in Ingersoll, Canada.

A second Mexican plant will have the model on its assembly line from November 2024, while the Canadian plant will begin assembling it from February 2025.

During the first model year of the fourth-generation Equinox, it will be sold alongside the current third-generation variant.

However, the two should be very different as the new Equinox will switch to GM’s VSS-F architecture, while the 2021 Equinox is based on the GM D2 platform.

2025 Chevy Equinox Price

We predict Chevrolet Equinox’s 2025 compact SUV to start at $28,300, plus destination costs. That’s for LS trim with front-wheel drive.

People also ask Chevy Equinox 2025

Q: When can I buy a 2023 Chevy Equinox?

A: The first week dealers will be able to place new sales orders for the 2023 model year Chevy Equinox is July 14th with the start of regular production (SORP) for the 2023MY which will begin on August 22nd

Q: How many miles will a Chevy Equinox last?

A: So how long does the mileage of Chevy Equinoxes last? Well maintained Chevy Equinoxes are expected to last 200,000 miles. For many drivers, that’s more than 20 years of use! Even if it’s not in perfect condition, the Equinox is expected to get more than 150,000 miles—about 10 years of driving.

Q: Q: Is the Chevrolet Equinox a reliable car?

A: Is the Chevrolet Equinox Reliable? The 2022 Chevrolet Equinox has a predicted reliability score of 85 out of 100. JD Power estimates reliability scores of 91-100 are considered Best, 81-90 Great, 70-80 Average, and 0-69 Fair and are considered below average.

Q: Will Chevy stop making Equinox?

A: GM Ends Production of Chevy Equinox At CAMI Factory.