2023 Chevy Colorado: The Latest Chevy Colorado Midsize Truck Review

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2023 Chevy Colorado Having debuted in an updated form for the 2015 model year, the Chevrolet Colorado is getting old. A new generation may be in the works, potentially making its debut for the 2023 model year.

Here’s what we think you can expect from the future Chevrolet Colorado.

Whenever it arrives, the new Chevrolet Colorado has to impress. After all, the real Colorado won our Truck of the Year award not once, but twice, in consecutive years. How can Chevy make its incredible midsize pickup even better?

2023 Chevy Colorado Z71

The Chevrolet Colorado 2023 is a workhorse midsize pickup truck that competes with rivals such as the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and Ford Ranger.

2023 Chevy Colorado

Colorado is known for its versatility and customizable spec sheets, not to mention excellent towing capabilities and stunning ZR2 trim. However, we expect Colorado 2023 to see some significant changes.

First and foremost, one thing we didn’t expect from the Chevy was the overall shape and size of the new Colorado.

Look for the option of an extended cabin or crew cabin variant, with the latter being the better (and more spacious) option when it comes to carrying more than one passenger.

Colorado’s class-leading towing capabilities are also a source of pride for Chevrolet, so expect additional crane and crane technology — such as trailer view cameras and other tow-friendly equipment — to be added.

Some of this towing technology is sure to be passed down from Colorado’s big brother, the full-size Chevrolet Silverado.

The big question mark is what engine will power the 2023 Colorado. While the 2022 version offers a base 4 cylinder, turbo-diesel, and V6, Chevrolet may trim its powertrain options to one or two options.

Rear-wheel drive will remain standard, while 4-wheel drive will be optional (or standard on trims like the all-terrain oriented ZR2).

Two key areas of improvement will center around the design and layout of the Colorado cabin, along with the addition of more standard and available active safety features such as blind-spot warning, rear traffic warning, and adaptive cruise control.

Updates on both fronts will modernize Chevy’s smallest pickup truck and better put Colorado ahead of the competition.

2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2

The Chevy Colorado 2023 is poised to introduce a new third-generation to its pickup truck nameplate, and with it, the next-generation Colorado ZR2 off-roader model as well.

As casual readers will know, GM Authority has spied testing the new Chevy Colorado ZR2 2023 on some occasions, including one prototype spotted benchmarking alongside the right-hand-drive Ford Ranger Raptor. Now, however, this latest batch of spy photos gives us our best look yet.

On the outside, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 2023 will boast a new design, which is obscured by the heavy camouflage on this particular prototype. Nevertheless, we can still see new display elements peeking through the cracks.

For example, at the front, we see production headlights with horizontal headlights and LED headlights. Also important is the visible front skid plate.

Around the corner, we see the Colorado ZR2 once again riding on big tires. The Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT rubber has the same specs as we saw on the previous prototype model, measuring 33 inches (285/70R17) compared to the 31-inch tires (265/65R17) of the current model.

The tires wrap around the familiar six-spoke design, also seen earlier on the prototype model.

Also worth noting is the serious-looking double-tier rocker protection, which can also function as a high clearance stair rail. The jacked-up suspension includes Multimatic DSSV shocks tucked behind the large rear tires, with the shocks covered in black paint covering the bold blue and gold finish underneath.

Further updates to the new generation will include a completely overhauled interior, while under the hood, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 2023 will feature a turbocharged 2.7L I4 L3B petrol engine, also found in the Chevy Silverado 1500 where it produces 310 horsepower and is boosted at 420 torque. pound-feet for the latest 2022 model year refresh.

The four-banger will be paired with GM’s 10-speed automatic transmission, while the atmospheric 2.5L I4 LCV, 3.6L V6 LGZ atmosphere, and 2.8L I4 LWN Duramax turbodiesel is not expected to return for the 2023 model year.

Under the skin, the Colorado ZR2 2023 will sport the 31XX-2 platform, an updated version of GM’s current GMT-31XX body-on-frame architecture. The new truck will also adopt the Global B electrical architecture and offer the latest digital features.

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2023 Chevy Colorado Interior

Improving the quality of interior materials is one way. Colorado is spacious and comfortable to drive but can feel standard even in upscale trim.

Updating the powertrains would help too, in particular making an eight-speed automatic transmission available with more than just a V-6 engine. The improved driver assistance feature is another must, and luckily for Chevy, it has the Super Cruise hands-free driving system to work with.

Regardless of what happens with next-generation Colorado, it has a solid starting point to work with. Our favorite midsize pickup truck effortlessly combines on-road refinement, off-road prowess, and hard work capability. It is a great choice for a wide variety of drivers and tasks.

2023 Chevy Colorado Gas, Diesel, or…?

Colorado is now offered with either a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder petrol engine or a 3.6-liter V-6 and a 2.8-liter inline-four turbodiesel. All come with RWD or 4WD you can choose.

And we hope that the adaptation of this engine can also be presented in the next generation of Colorado, not only that, it seems that the electric version is also present in the options offered.

Chevrolet’s intention for electric vehicles is no longer a secret, we hope that this can be confirmed by Chevrolet in terms of battery power in the Silverado EV.

2023 Chevy Colorado Changes

We’ve already mentioned that the Colorado ZR2 is the ultimate off-road small truck with locking differentials, slip plates, and Multimatic spool-valve shock absorbers providing outstanding trailing capabilities.

2023 Chevy Colorado

It seems that Chevy is looking to expand the ZR2 into its sub-brand after recently applying a treatment to the Silverado ZR2.

we expect these changes to happen in 2023 Colorado:

  • Completely new exterior
  • New interior
  • Highly revised platform (though not all new)
  • New powertrain lineup
  • New active safety features, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Zone Alert, etc.

2023 Chevy Colorado Redesign

We expect a total revamp update (redesign and reengineering) to be brought to the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado in introducing the third generation of the Colorado nameplate.

  • Assembly site GM Wentzville Plant, Missouri, USA
  • Front Engine Layout, Longitudinal
  • 2.7L L3B I4″ Turbo Engine
  • Automatic 10 Speed Contagion
  • Rear Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive
  • Availability United States, Canada
  • The predecessor of the 2022 Chevrolet Colorado
  • Successor to the Chevrolet Colorado 2024

We also expect the Chevy Colorado 2023 to be offered as a midsize pickup truck with the following cab and bed configurations:

  • Extended Cab, Long Box
  • Crew Cabin, Short Box
  • Crew Cabin Long Box

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2023 Chevy Colorado Trim

We expect the Colorado 2023 to be offered the following trim levels:

  • Work Truck
  • LT
  • Z71 Package
  • RST
  • Primer
  • ZR2

Chevy Colorado 2023 Powertrain

We expect the Chevrolet Colorado 2023 to offer the engine option of a GM 2.7L L3B turbo-charged four-cylinder with TriPower technology. In the Silverado 1500, the engine produces 310 horsepower (231 kW) @ 5600 RPM and 348 pound-feet (471 Nm) @ 1500 rpm of torque. A 10-speed automatic transmission will be the only power option.

So we expect Colorado 2023 to ditch the Duramax turbo-diesel engine option and the six-cylinder engine option. For comparison, second-generation Colorado is offered with three engine options:

  • Transmission Engine Horsepower @ Torque RPM @ Rear axle RPM
  • 2.5L I-4 LCV petrol MYB automatic 6 speed 200 @ 6300 191 @ 4400 4.10
  • 3.6L V-6 LGZ petrol M5T 8 speed automatic 308@6800 275@4000 3.42
  • 2.8L I-4 LWN diesel MYB automatic 6 speed 181 @ 3400 369 @ 2000 3.42

Chevy Colorado 2023 Platforms

Best of all, the GMT 31XX platform on the third generation Chevrolet Colorado will use an updated version of the same GMT 31XX platform used by the second generation model.

The updated architecture will be known as 31XX-2 internally at GM. It will be shared with GMC Canyon 2023 and later.

Before last November 2018, GM planned to develop a new platform called the 32XX for third-generation Colorado (and Canyon).

2023 Chevy Colorado Release Date

Every Chevrolet Colorado and its GMC Canyon partner is made at the General Motors plant in Wentzville, Missouri, about 40 miles west of St. Louis. Opened in 1983, the Wentzville factory employs approximately 3,800 workers.

In late 2019, General Motors announced it would invest $1 billion into the Wentzville plant in preparation to bring its next-generation midsize pickup truck to market.

The chip shortage is causing production constraints across the industry, but Chevrolet’s pickup division appears to be adapting quietly.

Given the progress and investment made at the Wentzville assembly plant, we suspect that the new Colorado project is well underway. Expect it to arrive in late 2022 as a 2023 model.

The Chevy Colorado 2023 will continue to be assembled at the GM Wentzville plant in Missouri by GM USA. GM’s Sao Jose Dos Campos plant in Brazil will produce vehicles for the South American market.

We expect the Chevy Colorado 2023 to launch in the second half of the calendar year 2022. Debuts in the first half of the calendar year 2022 are likely.

We expect the Chevrolet Colorado 2023 to represent the first model year of third-generation Colorado. The vehicle is expected to live up to at least the 2027 model year. Plans after that remain unclear.

2023 Chevy Colorado

2023 Chevy Colorado Price

We estimate the midsize Chevrolet Colorado 2023 pickup in rear-wheel-drive format, and in the extended cab/long cargo bed configuration, to have a starting price of around $27,000.

The Colorado 2023 will likely cost more than the 2022 model year, though the standard comfort, technology, and safety content should offset any price hikes.

Look for mid-range Colorado in the Z71 trim to order around $35,000 to $39,000, depending on cabin size and cargo bed chosen.

The mud-loving Colorado ZR2 is expected to continue to top the list with an asking price of around $44,000.